One system for the entire value chain.

Pharma365 not only efficiently combines the work of different departments in one system. Likewise, the view of the customer becomes sharper and the customer experience is raised to a new level.

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The integration of sales partner portals and online closing routes into the structured processes of Pharma365, enables them to start inbound sales with the least possible manual effort. This allows you to focus on planning and consulting-intensive products and increase your overall sales margin. The resources freed up by the high level of automation can focus more on the future challenges of pharmaceutical sales and not missing the golden moment in the market.

360° view

All important information about the customer at a glance. A central overview of master data, current contracts, last contacts, open offers, progress payments, statistical graphics, or even AI-supported recommendations for action to the sales department. The possibilities with Pharma365 are very diverse.


Pharma365 takes your sales to the next level. Instead of just managing customers and processing inquiries, you can actively up-sell and cross-sell with your existing data. Thanks to central product management and defined product relationships, you know as precisely as possible what is suitable for your customer and can place your offer in a targeted manner. With little effort, you can create bundled offers and thus use the entire portfolio in one system for sales purposes.

Pharmaceutical industry processes

Pharma365 is tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical companies through to distributors, and its sales processes map the entire customer lifecycle. This way, you always know where your customer is in the cycle and when the right time has come to make him a new offer.

Outlook Integration

With the integration of Outlook from the Microsoft365 package, you save the manual documentation of your email correspondence in CRM. You can easily link your customer communication to CRM, so it is completely mapped in the customer’s relationship wizard.

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With Pharma365, you finally give your organization a competitive edge again over conservative IT landscapes with isolated solutions that are not integrated with each other. With the Dynamics365 platform, you always have the entire toolbox at your fingertips, when you need it. This means that costs are only incurred for what you are currently using and do not intend to use at some point in the future. Greater efficiency and cost savings allow you to look ahead strategically, rather than just fixing the urgent small jobsites.

Benefits: fast integration, high planning reliability, guaranteed availability (Azure Cloud: 99.95%), low maintenance costs, low hardware costs, availability anytime and anywhere.

Active Directory

A directory is a hierarchical structure that stores information about objects on the network. A directory service, such as Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), provides the methods for storing directory data and making that data available to network users and administrators. For example, AD DS stores information about user accounts such as names, passwords, phone numbers, etc., and allows other authorized users on the same network to access this information.

Admin structure

Companies are constantly changing and developing. In order to be able to map these changes promptly and easily in your CRM or ERP, we offer you Pharma365, a flexible and scalable software solution. You save support and service costs by making adjustments to your CRM yourself. For example, you can create and manage users quickly and easily on your own.


By connecting integrated computer telephony via Teams or other providers, for example, you can shorten processes and thus avoid frustrations. Instead of having to ask for the caller’s master data to find the customer in the CRM, Pharma365 automatically shows you the caller’s contact via the phone number. This takes you to the customer’s digital file with just one click. On the other hand, CTI integration allows you to call the customer directly from the customer account in CRM and automatically create an entry in CRM.

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Pharma365’s marketing tools help you improve customer communications and guide customers through the different stages of their journey from initial information to purchase decision, creating seamless customer experiences. Target customers with the right message at the right time on the right channel. This is how you efficiently build customer relationships and generate leads, taking work off the sales team and supporting them. In doing so, Artificial Intelligence, e.g. by means of AI-based insights, lead evaluations and user-defined dashboards, helps you to make informed decisions at any time.

Relationship Sales

Microsoft Relationship Sales combines LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Pharma365 into a solution that enables sales reps to have personalized and meaningful interactions with customers. This allows you to reach all decision-makers and increase the effectiveness of your customer communication. The system supports you in building sustainable customer relationships.


Take full advantage of digital marketing and sales opportunities and offer your customers exclusive knowledge via webinars on your key pharma topics. This is how you draw customers’ attention to your offerings and position yourself as the first point of contact right up front.

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Corporate Development

There are many ways to implement digitization in your business, all of these options have one thing in common, Pharma365 fits them all. We discuss with you the right roadmap for your company and help you with our experience to find the right strategy. Your advantage here is that our implementation projects are carried out very efficiently due to the high level of standardization. This makes not only us flexible, but also you in the planning.

Tools and services

In order to map the customer lifecycle completely End2End, various other services and tools must also be connected. For example, we implement interfaces to billing systems, or to other services. Without gaps, fully integrated.

Intuitive workflows

Particularly when introducing new CRM/ERP systems, the training effort for employees is often very high. Pharma365 offers a solution that is easy to use with its intuitive workflows. The training effort is much lower and the start is easier.

Add ons

Pharma365 is a living and innovative CRM system, the development of further functions and possibilities takes place on the side of Microsoft Dynamics365, as well as at the Pharma365 product development. Through the cloud approach, all options always remain open for you to use new standard features of Dynamics365 as well as newly developed processes and services from Pharma365 and ITVT Group. This allows you to enjoy full flexibility and a wide range of options. The ideal investment in your company’s digital future.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

If desired, we can take over and manage individual processes of our Pharma365 customers. Through Pharma365, you still have full data access and can view all relevant data at any time.

Business Central (Billing)

Pharma365 can be coupled with existing billing solutions via interfaces, as well as implement billing via Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central.

No matter what you decide at the beginning of your Pharma365 implementation, you can switch to Business Central at any time.

No matter what you decide to do at the beginning of your Chemical365 implementation, you can switch to Business Central at any time.

Customer portal

Let your customers take the pressure off your customer service. With a self-service portal, your customers can make simple changes to master data, bank details, budget billing and meter reading entry themselves, and integration with Pharma365, ensures a seamless transition of data into your system. Not only your customer service will be happy about a lower volume of small inquiries, but the customer himself, because he no longer has to hang on hold for small things. A win-win situation.

Distributor Portal

Partnerships are important, even for energy suppliers. Numerous sales or comparison portals can provide qualified leads. The fully automatic synchronization of these requests into the CRM saves you manual effort and avoids errors. This is how you achieve that special customer experience.

Power Automate

Take your system automation to the next level with Microsoft Power Automate. In addition to the standard scope of Pharma365, you have further possibilities to automate your processes. Increase productivity and create intelligent workflows that support you in your day-to-day business.


Visualize your business data with the PowerBI application: Analyze your sales pipeline or visualize key metrics such as customer engagement. This allows you to identify promising leads and thus sales opportunities on the dashboard and plan them more precisely.

B2B Dataservice

Our B2B Data Service supports you in your marketing campaigns. You receive all necessary and freely available information compressed, consolidated and analyzed. This gives you a 100% view of your target market and, in addition, our balance sheet analysis gives you an accurate impression of the potential of the target customer.


B2C credit check

The integration of our business customer credit tool into Pharma365 and into your sales process, allows you to get information in just a few clicks. By analyzing the liquidity of your new key accounts before signing a contract, you can reduce the risk of default among B2B customers and at the same time cut expenses for reminders.